Telephone Coaching

Telephone Coaching

Develop your ideas and focus your actions with high performance coaching.

What is coaching? 

It is a focused approach to your personal professional development, where YOU are in the driving seat! Your Coach is highly trained to listen intently to what you say and assist you in identifying very specific actions to achieve your desired goal. They will provide perfectly timed questions to expand your thinking and help you to overcome obstacles. Your Coach will offer you ongoing feedback and encourage you along the way!

We know that change has to be sustainable and thats why we will always work with your agenda and at your pace.

Who is coaching for?

For anyone who is serious and committed to achieving a specific and positive goal in their professional or personal lives. 

We work with individuals and whole organisations. Senior Executives, House Husbands and House Wives, Students, Teachers, Council Workers, Health Professionals and many many more.

What are the advantages of coaching over the phone?

Whilst we will always be offering face to face coaching, finding the time to meet with your coach can at times be a challenge. Especially if your week is typically unpredictable or your role requires extensive travel.

We believe so much in the power and value of coaching  that we want to make it accessible to everyone! Calls can be arranged in different time zones and easily scheduled between other commitments.

What can I hope to achieve?

Coaching is about CHANGE AND ACTION rather than a relaxed and unfocused conversation. Your Coach will commit 100% to staying focused on you and your goals during the conversation and will both support and challenge you to achieve them. How much you achieve is entirely up to you and your willingness to take the action that you decide on during the Coaching. 

How long are the coaching sessions and how often are they? 

We charge by the hour and recommend that each coaching session lasts for no longer than two hours (although most last for about an hour). This helps to keep the conversation focused and action orientated. The frequency of the Coaching sessions is something that you will decide with your Coach and largely depends on what you want to achieve and by when. Remember that in Coaching you are very much in the driving seat!



We are very proud members of the EMCC and hold ourselves accountable to thier ethics and codes of practice. You can download a copy below.

Great Feedback 

Our clients are giving us great feedback...

"Myself and 3 other leaders have been having sessions with Shirley at Tailored Development and have all found the sessions to be extremely useful. Having a place to confidentially share your professional challenges and be coached to a solution is not only beneficial for the business, but for the individual. I have personally taken great value away from this which has resulted in making me more productive and positive within the work place"

HR Manager,  Cairn Group. 

"I'm fortunate enough to be midway through the coaching process and have already made great strides in achieving my goals. Due to a lack of confidence, these were really holding me back - now, with the help of my coach, I was able to analyse my methods, formulate my actions and plan to win, whilst not being afraid to fail. I can't recommend this service enough. I can't wait until my next call!"

Performance Support Manager at IHG.

"I have had some great feedback so far, great service for today's fast paced leadership"

Operations Director at IHG

How do I book?

The first next step is to click the 'Get in touch' button at the bottom of this page or Email us at, provide us with your contact details and a brief description of your requirements and we promise to respond to you within 24 hours to arrange an initial conversation at no cost.

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