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Leadership Development

We believe that the notion of there being one leader who is solely responsible for the success or failure of a business no longer fits with complex, modern day businesses. Every leader must fully embrace their role and responsibilities and inspire colleagues to do the same. Tailored Development works at every level of leadership to build capability, Inspire ownership and develop collaboration.

We have an immense repetoire of leadership development approaches for most sectors, we call upon a library of extensive reasearch and a wealth of experience. This means that all of our Leadership Development programmes are robust, tailored and inspirational! 

When designing your leadership development programme, we work with your outcomes first. This means that following a detailed conversation with you (and your colleagues where required) to understand your business, your leadership requirements and your organisations current reality.  We will then design and tailor a programme specifically for you. Because of this approach it is not possible to detail all of the topics we cover, but here is a small taste of some of the targeted programmes we have delivered recently: 

Establishing your Leadership Identity

Understanding yourself as a Leader and establishing a clear identity as others look to you to set the tone of the organisation. During this workshop you will also identify how best to utlise your leadership teams to enhance your market distinction. 

Leadership Teams

If your organisation has a leadership team, then it is vital that the leadership team is joined up and aligned. This not only saves time and energy, it promotes a positive working environment based on trust, healthy challenge and a total commitment to achievement. Its not just operational teams that need development, leadership teams are the role models!

Developing Great Teams

Based on the work Patrick Lencioni, you will be guided through the steps required to develop a great team. As well as understanding this valuable structure, you will acquire practical techniques that you can apply to your team now and in the future. Everything that you learnt can be transported back to your respective teams and implement in your business.

Leadership Resilience

We all have different strategies for dealing with stress, change and uncertainty. However, these can start to fade as we continue to work through uncertainty, pushing boundaries and being pioneers in our field. Leaders with a range of strategies to call upon have greater flexibility, choice and resilience, not to mention an abundance of tools to share with our teams! 

Strength-Based Leadership

Honing-in on natural skills and the talent that exist in an organisation; discovering ways to enhance it to deliver outstanding results. Achieving this is not only the sign of strong leadership, it makes great business sense too.

Engaging Leadership

Engagement breads engagement, and this is great news when leaders get it right! Especially in organisations where the service profit chain really does matter. 

Developing Strategic Leadership Skills

To equip you with the skills and know how to operate strategically in your role, ensuring that the tasks get done whilst keeping that all important strategic view. These leadership skills are crucial tools in any fast moving organisation.

Dealing With and Leading Change

Techniques to deal with the daily challenges of change
 in the workplace, from initiating change to working through the transition. You will learn how to stay focused and motivated during times of change and uncertainty as well as how to motivate and focus those around you.

Continuous Improvement

Ambitious, dedicated leaders who want to make a positive impact on their business are always looking for ways to improve. This workshop is interested in how you as a leader can foster a culture of continuous improvement throughout your business. 

Coaching as a Leadership Style 

The role of the coaching leader is to unlock the resourcefullness and skills of those they lead. Our dedicated coaches will equip you with coaching skills to inspire and enage the full resourecfulness of your team 

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional Intelligence is an essential leadership skill in the modern workplace. A better appreciation of EI provides opportunities for greater self awareness, better relationships, enhanced professional practice and achieving greater results in your organisation.

We use a range of team psychometrics and personality indicators to enhance leadership. These include:

  • Extended Disk
  • Discovery Insights
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Gallups Strengths Finder
  • Belbin Team Types


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