Park Inn

A rolling Leadership Programme spanning 14 months for the leadership team of this busy 895 bedroomed Park Inn Heathrow Airport Hotel

Case Study:
Park Inn

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When Nick first arrived at the 895 bedroom hotel as General Manager he could see instantly that the fabric of the hotel required serious investment if it were to compete with the many other hotels on the Heathrow Strip, and 2013 saw the start of a multi million refurbishment. As well as investing in the fabric of the hotel, Nick was keen to invest in his leadership team as they held the key to the success of the immensely busy and demanding business. Operating such a vast hotel presented the leadership team with many challenges.


  • To create a cohesive and collaborative leadership team 
  • Enhance communication across an exceptionally large hotel 
  • Develop a culture of ownership and autonomy
  • Build the reputation of the business through clear leadership, employee engagement and  customer care 


Working with all of the senior leadership team, Tailored Development created a flexible development plan made up of one full day module every two months. The scale of the business meant that it was very easy for the leadership team to get drawn back into old practices and working habits in between modules. To maintain momentum and create sustainable change it was important that the leadership team had clear projects to implement into the hotel in between modules and 1-1 coaching sessions to maintain their focus on making a positive and lasting difference to the business.