Millennium & Copthorne Hotels

A 12 Month Development Programme for General Managers and Senior Support Team.
An engaging and flexible approach to support revenue growth through people

Case Study:
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels

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The new Director of Operations for the Provincial and Europe Estate was determined to drive revenue growth and knew that an engaged and skilled leadership team was fundamental to achieving this. With Engagement and People now a strategic focus, Tailored Development was invited to work with the General Managers and Senior Support Team over a twelve month period. 


  • To create an engaged and engaging senior leadership team across the provincial estate 
  • Bring the senior team together to create a cohesive and collaborative leadership team
  • Demonstrate the importance of a strong people focus on revenue growth 
  • Develop a coaching leadership style
  • Develop a culture of Strength Based Leadership 


The GM's and Support Teams get together for a business meeting every two months. As this team is spread across the UK, getting them together presents a logistical challenge. Therefore it made sense to use part of the business meeting to deliver the leadership programme and then join the participants during their evening dinner and activities to continue building relationships and answering questions. It was important that these short development sessions REALLY stood out from the rest of the business meeting. Each session was deliberately engaging, interactive and pushed some of the norms across the group. This created impactful learning that could easily be applied into their hotels.