Lancashire Police Authority

Supporting senior leaders through the transition from Police Authority to Police and Crime Commissioner

Case Study:
Lancashire Police Authority

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after working with the Lancashire Police Authority for two years, I was invited to continue my supportive relationship to help the Senior Leadership  transition from Authority to the new Police and Crime Commissioners' Office. As well as establishing new policies, procedures and ways of working the Police Authority still had their 'day job to do'


  • to provide focused facilitation of meetings to ensure a speedy and worthwhile outcome 
  • provide 1-1 coaching to key members of the senior team 
  • establish a clear understanding of the typical reactions to change and help devise strategies to overcome them for a smooth transition
  • establish a clear vision and mission for the future ways of working 


The culture of the authority was one of high challenge and speed which reflected not only the requirements of their role but also the wider context within which they worked. It was important that my solutions and interventions reflected this high challenge and fast paced culture. Therefore every intervention was scheduled as part of existing meetings and creative approaches developed to accommodate 1-1 coaching.